About Us

SEPP formed in 1994 in response to the proposed Hillary Care Socialized Medicine threat. SEPP was one of 50 like minded organizations to spontaneously form across the country to battle and preserve American Medicine by defeating Hillary Care. We realized that the threat to American Medicine could only be defeated by educating the physicians and patients to the threats and by educating everyone to the alternatives. Thus, the mission provided the name and we formed The Society for the Education of Physicians and Patients.

Our educational efforts follow many paths. A founding member Dr. John Gollatz published the book “Society’s Mirror” describing the present status of American Medicine, and how to preserve it. Every 2-3 years SEPP presents a public seminar to teach the public about an important part of Medicine with the ramification to the public. Each year we have a High School essay contest with a patriotic theme. The winner receives a 4 year scholarship $2000/year. We have had 6 winners since beginning the essay contest and plan issue many more scholarships over the years. Our quarterly newsletter, The Seppian is mailed to members, provided to hospitals, and is available online. Our most successful endeavor was the support given to, and efforts to adopt the Health Savings Account.

Membership is open to all who desire and strive to maintain and preserve the best Medical and Hospital system in the world.

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